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Office of the Schools Division Superintendent

Office of the Schools Division Superintendent










Jessie D. Ferrer, CESO V is the current Schools Division Superintendent of the Division of Bataan, chose to swim upstream, to hurdle over all odds and achieved more than what has been desired. It needed intense planning and work; re-prioritizing and re-allocating of energies with extra drive and determination, and exhibiting awesome responsibility and accountability in turning the blueprint to reality. 

As part of the continuing efforts of DepEd Bataan in improving its performance and achievements, the Schools Division Superintendent is always at the helm spearheading the implementation  of various projects, programs , thrusts and other activities through the assistance of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, the Education Program Supervisors , the Public Schools  District Supervisors, the School Heads and all division and school personnel.

DepED Bataan personnel are aware  that their dedication in every endeavor are never wasted but yield triumphs not only for themselves but for the ultimate clientele, the learner.

The Schools Division Superintendent and his team are always on the lead of their flock in terms of goals and thrust  assigned, coupled with appropriate discipline, love, sympathy, healthy relationships and wisdom.